Winning and Even Make Some Money

I wanted to get this product out to you before the start of this year’s NFL season. 

You can have fun with this product, or you can make money with it. 

What this product is, is how the big high rollers make money on DraftKings NFL Football. 

It’s called an NFL Lineup optimizer. 

The high rollers on DraftKings use sophisticated software, pay people, etc… to create their lineups weekly for them.

Most normal people or people who enjoy playing Fantasy Football the DraftKings way, don’t have access to that computing power. 

They don’t have access to any “system” per say. They are just picking by what the experts online are telling them on their favorite fantasy football channel. Most of these gurus are sharing great information, but they honestly have access to huge computer systems.

But, many of them are just guessing. They don’t know that the magic is in the numbers

A few years ago I was like most people. I was playing fantasy football by listening to the gurus of the fantasy football channels and sites. 

But I always knew there had to be a better way to pick your lineups. 

I started doing some research on the topic. 

When you dig into it, it’s really about NUMBERS. It’s not about who is the better player in the NFL – because they are ALL GOOD. It’s about numbers and getting those numbers to make sense.

While the high rollers have the advantage with the money they have to be able to generate quick lineups, the casual player or football fan gets left out in the cold. 

Now like I said, I have been working on this product for a few years. Why is that? 

Even though I found something to get started, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted to see. The product wasn’t working like I had hoped it would. 

It wasn’t freeing me up from thinking, it wasn’t saving me any time, and it sure the heck wasn’t placing me any higher in the contests I was entering. 

Then literally about a month ago, I was thinking to myself about how the NFL season was upon us again. I haven’t worked on that product since last year. I figured I should dust it off and see if I could do anything to improve it. 

Well after I dug into it, and after a few tweaks to the instructions, yes I literally had to re-learn how to use my product, and then a few games, it was still doing horrendously or so I thought. 

Then it came to me like a bolt of lightning from the fantasy football gods. I wasn’t applying some of the basics the gurus always talk about. 

Bam! That worked, it made a difference and I started to see consistency. 

That one major change, which I will reveal inside the product, and next thing you know I started seeing EVERYTHING changed! My contest results were a joy to see.


Actually FINISHING #1 in several contests. 

Now you might be asking, “How do you play NFL fantasy football in the offseason!?

Well, they have Paid (you must live in a state that allows that) and FREE Madden computerized games running ALL THE TIME!

The beauty is, I was able to test my product every single day for the past month or so for FREE (yes unfortunately I live in one of those “non-authorized” states).

And the results started coming in. Now to be totally honest, not every contest was a #1 win, but when you keep showing up in the top ten… 

And then again in another contest… 

And then you start seeing consistent #1 finishes in contests… 

And another contest in the same day…

I was feeling stoked as my testing was starting to be validated!

Without getting into too much detail about the technical aspects, this is super simple to do as long as you can follow basic instructions!

What I mean is, yes I can let you in on this product, but unless you follow my exact instructions from the secret method, your results will be like mine were a few years ago when I created this product. 

Those results were honestly, nothing great. 

Now here is the best part. This product uses something everyone (most people at least!) already have or can use for FREE

The best way to make numbers less complex is to use a computer and to use the power of Google Sheets to figure out lineups for you. 

Now I could give you this product for free, and let you figure it out, but that wouldn’t be fair. 

I could also charge you like $297 for the product, but that is a lot for a product you might only want to win your local DraftKings league with, or other free fantasy football leagues like the NFL Fantasy Football league, Yahoo, etc… that uses the same type of rules. 

Also, I could charge you a monthly subscription fee of $97 for this product, which again would be well worth it if you play year-round.

But neither of those seem fair for someone that wants to figure out an easier way to just flat out start winning contests or finishing high enough to place in the “money”. 

Again, I can’t stress enough that you aren’t guaranteed to win every contest, but I sure as heck have finished #1 a LOT lately!

Now back to the pricing, as I know your time is valuable. 

This product is a good to honest NFL Fantasy Football optimizer for the masses. 

When you pick up this product today, and up until September 11th, 2022 (the first day of the NFL season), this product will be a one-time price of  $17

You will receive

You get all this today up until September 11th, 2022 for the one-time low price of $17.

Get Immediate Access Here

After September 11th, 2022 the price will go up to $197. 

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