How to be Lazy and have a Lazy Way to Earning Online

If you are struggling now to make money online, and are looking for something that is totally a lazy way to earn, this is for you.

But first, who am I?

I’m Mark Z and I have tried various methods over the past ~7 years or so to earn a few dollars as a side hustle.

Without a doubt, the easiest and laziest way to do that is by waking up daily and sending an email with something to sell; either your own product or an affiliate product.

But I get it many of you don’t like, and possibly hate email marketing as it seems hard to do correctly.

What if I change that for you and give you, yes – for FREE – a cheatsheet that will maximize your email marketing?

And what if I also threw in a FREE set of 30 days of converting swipes, you just have to make sure to modify them a bit (duh!), that work to get you more open and more clicks.

After I give that to you all for FREE, maybe you’d be willing to take a look at another lazy method I came up with that doesn’t involve email?

In fact, this lazy method doesn’t involve using email at all!

I’ve been in the final stages of testing this product that works for FREE and I continue to use it daily to make sure ANYONE can replicate my results.

This new method I’ve developed is about to explode in the next few weeks, and if you don’t get in before too long, you’ll be left out.

And that isn’t a scarcity tactic that you see so often.

In fact, it’s the TRUTH.

You can have the opportunity to pick up this product that I’ve worked on for the past few years to iron out all the bugs, or you can leave money on the table.


The beauty of this new product I’ve created and have been feverishly testing the past few weeks, you can literally do this for FREE.

The product runs on a FREE platform that everyone has access to.

And while yes, you can actually make money with this product, you don’t have to put in a dime to start using it.

But I digress.

When you sign up below to my email list, please use a real email that you can check. This isn’t meant to be one of those BS warnings you see so often “hey you need to use your best real email… blah blah” type of warnings.

If you choose to “get around the system” and not use a real email, you will not receive my email that will ask you to give me permission to email you the FREE stuff I promised above.

Please check your promotions or spam folder and make sure you drag it to your primary inbox and also click the link/button in the email that says “I can send you emails”.

This is the only way to get the FREE cheatsheet and the FREE 30 days of converting swipes is to use a real email below, and follow my steps above once you find my email.

It’s as simple as that, you can think you are super smart and put in a fake email address or one you never check, and never receive a thing from me.

The choice is yours to make.

Signup below with your email that you check to receive the FREE Cheatsheet /Checklist as well as the 30 Days of converting swipes.

Make sure you look for an email (promotions or spam folder if it’s not in your inbox) from markz at solomanz dot biz and drag that to your primary inbox and click the link/button in the email that will allow me to email you.

Email Product

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